Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Comparing Degrees & Fighting Over It Like Children

There's an article that has been circulating around which says that Law is the most difficult degree to get a First in. With articles like these, I'm usually more interested in the comments section because it is a certainty that people will bicker about this sort of simple nonsense.

Also, the other day, in my secondary classmates' group chat, we were talking about exams. One of the guys said that he wanted to hang out and I said I can't because my exams are about two and a half months away (which is REALLY not a lot of time).

He was saying it was enough, and while he is a good friend generally, what he kept insisting really irked me. I can't fault him though, a lot of medical students or engineering students or math students (or any student generally, I suppose) will probably have a holier than thou attitude.

70% of my friends are science-related students (medicine, engineering etc). Others being arts and humanities.

He said something along the lines of: in medicine, no matter how good you are or how much you study, you will never get good enough grades because that's the system.

It's a "med school thing" ie. it's the most difficult thing ever.

I stopped replying and walked away because I just... can't. I couldn't very well snipe at him in front of 20+ people in the conversation. Plus, I never snipe.

First of all, let me tell you something about comparing degrees. 

You don't compare an apple with an orange. You don't compare your grandmother with your 20-something best friend. You don't compare ice cream with cake (both are delish, of course).

You simply DON'T compare two completely separate things. Because you just CAN'T. 

1. How would you know? Unless you've gone through two or more separate degrees, you are not in a position to judge.

2. You can't say law school is more difficult than med school because they are two DIFFERENT species. The difficulty of med school that you are facing now, is probably akin to how I need to fit 3000 words (more or less I haven't counted) in an essay in 45 minutes. Besides, law school tests your application, reasoning, arguing and memory skills and I suppose med school tests your application and memory and whatnot skills as well!

3. Once again, humanitarian subjects tests you on DIFFERENT things. You can calculate to a tee all the PIES in the world and get a First in Maths, but that does not mean a Literature degree which tests your creativity, reading, critical analysis skills and not to mention writing speed isn't difficult in its own way.

4. Please bear in mind that "DIFFICULTY" is the most subjective thing ever. If everyone is brilliant in that class, naturally the marking levels will be higher. But that doesn't mean the syllabus itself is difficult. If a degree is open to everyone in the world, they will naturally not give out as many distinctions to safeguard their standards. Because of that, people will say it's "difficult". If everyone is stupid in that class, the person getting the highest score can still be on top even though he's actually stupid. Do you get what I'm saying?

5. Although, I should qualify the above by saying that, sometimes, some things are easier. Like, perhaps designing something is relatively easier than cutting somebody open.

What we're having is an education. It is to educate us on a specified field -- teaching us how to draw information and retain them. It is NOT so that we can act like spoiled, entitled, nonsensical kids!

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