Friday, December 20, 2013

More Lavatory Stories

I did a really unkind thing the other day.

I've written about this. One of my pet peeves is people's inability to form a LOGICAL and COHERENT queue in the toilet. If there isn't space in front of the stalls, don't just stand IN FRONT of EACH individual stall -- clogging up the entire toilet. Hah, pun! Instead of forming 5-10 individual lines, doesn't it make sense to just form ONE line, so that you can go to whichever that is newly unoccupied?

But that isn't the gist of the story, of course.

I had this problem in the cinema the other day, where the movie (ads) were about to start and there were a bunch of ladies in the toilet.

The Hobbit is a long arse movie, it's like a plane flight, in case you weren't notified and I've never skip a scene of a movie to have a pee. Ever. I'm proud of that, apparently. So, I had to pee beforehand.

We had that problem where there isn't much space in front of the stalls and there were only about four stalls. People were doing that same exact thing that I hate. So, I did the same, much to my chagrin. I sound so uptight, but hello, if you're girl and you go through regular urinary tract movement, you'll understand.

How do I explain my act of cruelty...

I was lining up for Stall A. There's a Stall B. Then, there's a Stall C where a teenage girl was queuing for. She was about 12-13 (are 12 year olds teenagers? oh god, I'm old).

Suddenly, a person came out from Stall B. This stall was between us and I saw the girl shifting one foot (probably wondering if she should go for it)... and.... I gather my feet quickly and went inside.

I feel so cutthroat. I mean, if I was at that age, I would've probably be meek about it, seeing someone older doing that.

I felt bad.

The movie was wonderful, though.

The end.

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