Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I locked the doors, looked at the clock, it was 12:02am.

I just got back home from college.

I plopped my bags and whatnot on my study table, and drank the cold bittergourd soup left for me on the kitchen table. It grated on my parched, sore throat. There were some cold mushrooms and cabbage which I swallowed, out of courtesy and guilt. I even ate some of my Mum's crazy native honey so the throat would feel better.

I am upstairs, in the shower. Wiped off my makeup. I thanked my little stars -- that I don't wear much because I can't be bothered with the taking off routine. But I really needed the concealer under my eye... my under eyes were darker than usual. For once, I worry about the lines that may emerge!

I always fake having 10-12 hours of sleep with my trusty concealer.

Whilst showering, I thought: WHY do I do this to myself? That was the question my moot coach asked herself before we went back. She's a full-time lawyer in a reputable firm and here she is, coaching us for our competition till 11pm.

I know the silver lining is there, I'm sure. But this sleeping late, semi-neglecting studies, frantically searching for the law for a competition that is 3 weeks away... well, and then I saw the RM700 worth of Banana Republic heels my parents got for me (be excited for me!!) and I can just feel the silver lining. Shoes. Mmmm.

All I can say is that I can't wait for my online shopping clothes to arrive!!

Pahaha. My brain is not working.

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