Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clueless About This

With my hands held up in shame, I admit I can't be arsed to create a new space..

Let me not be like this when I buy a property... and then decide that decorating and furnishing is too much work.. and then be homeless.

Often times, when you grow older, you realise that you simply don't need some things. My blog is not one of them. After being severely neglected, I shall try to brush the dust away (which I will never do with my hands of course eww paha)

(paha is my new laugh of late, I think it's relevant for you to know so you don't confuse a chicken's thigh with my laugh).

Of course, you still need some things. I've decided that I need as much lipstick as I can physically horde.

Or rather, what I'm trying to say is that: you don't really need some people. You may think you do, but you don't. They may be holding you back and once you jerk their grip away, you feel liberated. I thirst for these sorts of societal liberation, in whatever shape or form I can get, like how an explorer thirsts for the unknown. I'm liberated now.

I am not talking about my loverrly friends whom I love to pieces and also very occasionally need more than my lipstick, they're basically all back from overseas for summer break.

Ah, I'm telling you this very vaguely but I am at a happy place. I hope you are too, or that you're arriving at the happy place soon (who knows, you might wanna take a pee first in a rest stop).

As per usual, we shall start with a big ass picture of me:

Mum's professional apple pies. I died. I really did.

People who understand my "knees" so well :)

I like this picture so much, it shall be seen everywhere! And yes, that's a butt beside me.

With my girlies -- I am quite obviously the tallest. Heh.

I don't think I'm particularly sociable. I think acquaintances think I am very jolly and sociable, but they (above), my very very old mates, know that I am need great forces to be seen in society!

These four (above, below) have seen me through so much in my A Levels days. From smuggling Subway and various other bits and bobs to the library, to sweating like pizzas walking to the bakery in SS15, to laughing at each other's asses (I think I was the one). Let's not forget how they always laugh at me and not my jokes! I'm just genuinely in awe of their intellect and humour.

When you graduate from secondary school and plunge yourself into the life of a college student, you'd definitely latch onto your old self, refusing to change even for the better. I think I did change for the better, with their help. But, they shoot me down when I say I want to have an edgy style! Pffssttt.

Yeah, I'm such a victim. Getting kicked to Korean instant noodles (which are fabulously yum, please try it)

The above looks like a conglomerate of buildings collapsing together badly, but it is so good. It's the famous stewed rice you can get in Brickfields. 

I got someone to painstakingly teach me Mandarin now! This is my name in which he wrote quite sexily with the strokes and all.

I love my grandmother to death. She's so amazing in so many ways. I think it's in the genes because my mother is equally as amazing. Look at her, so fashionable!

I think posting up unagi pictures in this blog is highly obliglatory. If you don't see it at least ONCE, it's a capturingcaely sin.

The above ^ was absolutely candid but it's so hilarious because I look like my favourite emoji sticker in LINE! (below)

I think this proves I can be a villain. I got the face right, after all.

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