Monday, June 17, 2013


I've been contemplating on the possibility of starting a new space (anyone as fickle as I am? But hey, I've stuck with this for 3 years, and 4 years before that)

Like everyone else, I find myself niche-d in an impasse. With nowhere to go, and a feeling of wanting change, I struggle to remain here, to remain honest, to remain interested. It is an unfortunate thing because I am very sentimental about spaces where I write -- as I've always been. I can't possibly leave all of my book reviews behind, so I may be taking that with me. Still, I'm excited about starting something new I have in mind which have yet to come into fruition.. because my design layouts are always self-created and perfected (I may dare say :P).

I have very little time to study for next week's first trial exams and a coming moot audition this Saturday which I've joined because I've decided to.... I don't know why I agreed to it. As you may not know, I am quite European with my pace, in that I do things at my leisurely pace, to my detriment.. oh, I never learn! Greeks never learn too. I should be more German in that sense.

*I've painstakingly privated each and every one of my 800+ posts... without a mouse!  

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