Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review #31: The Kama Sutra

Eating while producing a review of an ancient text about sexology isn't exactly sexy... but then again, so is this book.

I bought the book on a whim, because I had nothing to lose except RM8.90. Or maybe I could've gotten something more stimulating instead... like chocolate cake. By the by, I'm operating under the assumption that you, who's reading this, know what Kama Sutra is about. However, unless and until you've actually read it and not just heard it in a movie or magazine, you don't know what it's about exactly... because contrary to what you know, KS isn't all about where and how to thrust it in.

There are seven parts in Kama Sutra with an introduction and in its introduction, we're told that Bhrahma (God) created these commandments for men and women to follow when it comes to Dharma (religion), Artha (wealth), and Kama (love, pleasure, sensuality).

Not so much about sex as it is about Indian culture. There is only one chapter on sexual union in this entire book. Even then, it is not as interesting as you'd think. We've been misled by pop culture! If you're clueless in this field, fret not! Kama Sutra to the rescue! There are subchapters telling you about embracing, kissing, marking with nails (lol), biting, and lying down. In a nutshell, those who are unworldly (haha) shouldn't worry about being unworldly anymore. Not really. Whilst that sounds very promising, the rest of the book focuses on

-acquisition of a wife
-your wife
-the wives of other men
-means of attracting others to yourself

    Evidently, not only is this text quite sexist, it's not relevant to us. I mean, I'm sure in our century, men don't put any "white thorn apple powder" on their lingam a.k.a. penis to "subject the woman to his will".

    What's the only remotely interesting thing is the names given. You're told that if you embrace this and that way, it's called, "mixture of the sesame and rice". If you kiss this and that way, it's called the "fighting of the tongue". There's even homosexuality involved, which I found surprising. Apparently, a blowjob is called "sucking a mango fruit". I do not, however, appreciate how women are instructed to get up immediately and do whatever the husband commands when he comes home.

    My two cents? This book, to me, is more of a document about Indian culture thousands years ago. I wouldn't dare say such a relic is a disappointment and a bore... but it sort of was? At least, to me, someone who wasn't interested in what the book had to offer. I understand how this book is important and groundbreaking to some, but for me, it didn't serve any purpose. And, the Internet is more exciting, my friend (and ya know it, hint hint). Tell me how you will about my wrong judgment but these sentiments were honestly what I procured from this book.

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