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Book Review #25: Fifty Shades Darker by E L James (Book Two)

My thoughts on the first one, you can find it here.

I didn't think that this series is even known in Malaysia but it's quickly gaining recognition because the first book was sold out in Borders.

Anastasia couldn't handle Christian's baggage or "fuckedupness" (I kid you not, that word was in the book) so she broke their relationship off. But not for long, as they're pulled into dangerous territories  of Christian's heart and he opens up to her about the demons of his past. The "not for long" is heavily stressed.

I'm trying hard to be eloquent about this but if you really want the down low: Two person who broke up, who cannot stay away from each other, who gets back together, who cannot get enough of one another's flesh and existence. Put jealous and psychotic exes, perverted bosses and a lot of sex and e-mailing into the equation and voila! You have the concoction that is the second book. 

Second installments in trilogies usually disappoint me. I didn't expect the extraordinary with this one so there wasn't any disappointment but I have to say that it improved in terms of plot -- there were a couple of actual happenings in the book. Who would've thought? (my "inner goddess" drawls sarcastically).

Characters are still flat. Ana's "inner goddess" (a.k.a her subconscious which makes me think of Lizzie Mcguire's cartoon self) is getting on my nerves. It seems that Christian is going to be smirking, overbearing, overprotective, worried that Ana will leave him forever. His mouth is going to twitch and form a hard line forever. They're going to eat and have sex after forever. For a powerful man, Christian sure knows how to express himself. I found that borderline attractive before but in this book, it was like the author was trying to throw a cheesecake on my face with all the repetitions.

The characters met only for five weeks and it was apparently so intense that marriage may be on the table! And, how realistic is it that Christian buys the company Ana is working for so he can hover over her? (pun intended) Wow, who would've thought again? (my "inner goddess" strikes sarcastically again, this time in heels and a boa).

E L James' praises for her editor is misplaced. Hire me instead. The editor must be having sex when she was editing this because there were many frivolous dialogues and the author needs to hold back on the thesaurus. What irked me were the grammatical mistakes and typing errors! They were in the first book as well. A well-published book should not have those!

I also unabashedly admit that I find the amorous e-mails amusing -- probably the few redeeming points I can scour. 

Speaking of redeeming points, there was one scene which managed to pull my heartstrings. That was the scene when Christian knelt down in anguish and loss as a submissive in front of Ana because he didn't know what to do to stop her from leaving again. At least there was one nicely done scene.

People are speculating on who's going to play the roles in the movie, how it is going to be -- and I hate all this hype and choose to shut them all out and be objective with my reading and imagination. Once again, this series is not going to win the author the Nobel Prize for Literature and it probably wouldn't win the hearts of many except for die-hard romance aficionados. I see a lot of die-hard romance aficionados out there (myself excluded).

One final note, I highly doubt heterosexual male will be so talkative during sex. I suppose there are some exceptions here and there but I shall say no more. I've abandoned half of my wit and adopted my most tolerant self for this trilogy. If like me, you're apathetic to most things, just enjoy the ride as much as you can (pun intended).

Despite all its poor character, unimpressive plot, and predictable dialogues... will I continue with the third one? Yes, I will. I told you, it's junk food. ★★1/2

Genre: Erotica, romance
Pages: 533 pages

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