Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Review #7: A Book You Wished You Never Read

So. I'm easily amused, easily intrigued but on the whole, pretty indifferent (paradoxical, but that's me).  This is one of those times when I can't be indifferent.

When I read online that Anne Rice have written erotica before, I wanted to know more. I commend that you have an open mind and refrain from saying she's a bad person for writing erotica because the art and artist have to be separated (I make an exception for Stepehenie Meyer who is a douche). What sort of erotica does she write? Are they any good? The sleuthing commences!

I was genuinely surprised that the books she wrote were BDSM erotica named -- The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. There goes a piece of my childhood. It is not enough that Wikipedia warned me sufficiently to stay away, I had to go download it and read it for myself. This is how Nancy Drew gets in trouble. I've never read anything that has BDSM in it so I was under the false assumption that it will be genial or at the most, it will be like one of the more explicit romance I've read before.

I was never more wrong.

I wasn't amused; I didn't hate it, though. I was... disgusted and very put off. The first book, and the only one I half-read, called The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, started with the Prince raping Beauty while she was comatose. I knew that it was called BDSM erotica for a reason, but you can still imagine my shock. Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty is teeming with ideas of torture and sex slaving which I found distressing and upsetting.

... and yes, I kept reading. When I got to the middle, I couldn't take it anymore. Honestly, the descriptions were not exactly explicit so the sex did not perturb me. I've read better but what separates explicit romance and this, is that there is romance in the ones I read. What the characters in Sleeping Beauty have for each other are twisted feelings -- which I suppose is characteristically BDSM.

I knew that the original version of the fairy tale itself is disturbing: Prince had his way with Beauty, Beauty got pregnant with twins, twins were born, twins feeding on her breasts, Beauty wakes up. The knowledge of that coupled with Rice's disturbing version makes a very, very creepy evening.

If Rice's aim is to creep the shizazzle out of me, she succeeded. If her aim is to impress with the plot, she failed. Miserably. In terms of plot, it was a pile of garbage rammed together, with sexual scenes doing the fillings. I think erotica, generally, can be done tastefully and impressively but BDSM as a genre is not for me.

It's comforting to know that I downloaded it, which means I can easily delete it (which I did) and hopefully, will forget it in time. I think I've had your curiosity piqued, you can go ahead and search for it but do it on your own peril (omimous voice). Tell me again why the trilogy was so successful that it surpassed Interview with the Vampire? ★

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