Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Review #6: A Children's Book You've Read

I haven't read a children's book since I was -- a child. The only children's book authors I was familiar with were Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl (which I refused to read), amd JK Rowling (also refused to read). I was rather precocious, spending time reading abridged versions of classic literature I could find in the Junior library. It was the prettiest sight: rows and rows of abridged Penguin (or was it Puffin?) classics. I never knew who Neil Gaiman was. I didn't know about The Sandman or the Graveyard Book. This is my first Gaiman book -- I wanted a quick read for my examinations are a week away. I'm impressed.

It's about a girl named Coraline who moved into a new house and discovered a secret passage to a dangerous world. It is cleverly written and very engaging. There aren't any fancy prose designed to confuse young minds; it is a solid, creepy story. Frankly, I don't find it creepy at all, just amusing. Probably because I don't get spooked out by books. Ever. Granted, I'd be more impressed if I was 8 years old but, it doesn't erase the fact that I was tricked by the plot twist towards the end! I'm in the midst of downloading the movie -- oh it finished downloading! -- and friends have been telling me about how creepy it is.  Read it, for the fun of it! ★★★

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